3rd Annual battle at the beach

August 24th, 2019

The first Battle at the Beach has set the stage for one of the best races in the state of Oregon. David Cronk raced his way to the top starting position and worked hard to hold off several charges from local StreetStock star, Steve Dubisar. Steve stayed hot on David’s tail for most of the early race but would succumb to mechanical failure on lap 22. Chris Sine would be the next driver who would try to challenge David for the lead. Chris worked his way up from the 6th starting position to try his best to challenge David for the lead. At the end of the day, David would hold off all challengers and win the race, but it was extremely exciting. Evan Britton and Daniel Land battled with Erik Jarnport for the third position. The final top 5 were David Cronk, Chris Sine, Evan Britton, Daniel Land and Erik Jarnport. Jeff Thurman needs a special mention for starting in the 12th position, dropping as low as the 14th position and working his way all the way back to the 6th position. With the level of competition this was no small feat. 

Last years race followed in the footsteps of the first race. The action was intense and the racing was door to door! The 2018 race started with a special contingency sponsorship from Melling Performance. Our Hard Charger (the racer who passes the most cars) received a $150.00 gift certificate. This year that went to Andrew Langan. We also issued a $150.00 gift certificate from Melling along with a $100.00 gift certificate from Bar-S Motorsports for Brian Cronk's trophy dash win! Melling also gave us lots of hats and T-Shirts to hand out to the crowd and they loved it! 

Brian Conk was able to fend off lap after lap challenges from local super start, Steve Dubisar. Andrew Langan was your hard charger passing 11 cars to finish 3rd. Don Schott and Justin Evans had extremely solid performances in 4th and 5th. 


Previous Champions

2017 David Cronk

2018 Brian Cronk

2019 Battle at the Beach

We are coming to pound sand on August 24th, 2019

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