Be a part of the action! Sponsor a lap today!

How do I get involved and help make some of the greatest races in the NW??

From day one, the Iron Giant has been about racers and fans putting on awesome races for racers and fans. When we started we would solicit lap sponsors for every lap of every race. This as a massive part of our ability to stay connected with our fans, racers and sponsors. No matter what your economic situation is you can sponsor a "Lap"! These days the lap sponsors get to sponsors get to sponsor a symbolic lap. This sponsorship helps pay the purses all year long. In exchange we will include your lap number, Your name, and in who's name you want the lap dedicated. This can be your company, race team, or someone special you want to dedicate the lap too. We will include a full list of our lap sponsors  in all of our programs that are distributed throughout all of our races. We will also post that full list here as well as include you in our Facebook posts. If you're interested please click on the link to the right!

Sponsor Here

The cost of lap sponsorship is $50.00 per lap. You can sponsor one lap, two laps or 10 laps it's all up to you. When you click on the link below you will be directed to pay for the Membership through PayPal. No account needed. Simply follow the instructions and once you've paid the site will automatically download the form for you. Follow the instructions on the form and fill it out and then click the submit button on the form and it will automatically email the form back to us. This works best on a computer. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to be emailed the form and pay us directly.