This race is proudly brought to you by Chew ON this jerky

A little about Chew On This Jerky

As Most of you know, here at the Iron Giant we partner with companies who do more than just advertise with us. We choose to partner with companies that support our fans, our racers and our tracks in other, more exciting ways. Well Chew On This Jerky is definably one those companies- and it shows! From their top quality  products to the programs they offer racers and tracks you will see that not many companies have this kind of ethic. They are heavily vested in and support racing and racers from all over the country. We would like to welcome them to the NW and the Iron Giant family! 

Chew On This Jerky is a Veteran owned company that provides the best quality product  at the best prices possible. When you "Chew On This Jerky", you'll see that this jerky is unlike anything you've ever tasted. You won't find a better snack for the long nights at the track or while working in the shop! 

The Jerky comes in 13 delicious flavors- be sure and try them all!  You will not believe how good this jerky is! Moist and very flavorful in a resealable bag- although I'm not sure that anyone will ever use that feature because you won't be able to put it down!


Chew On This Jerky says it best-

The true mission of Chew On This - Jerky is to provide the best craft jerky anyone could ask for, along with the best customer service that everyone deserves. It's our love of Jerky that makes us strive to be the best in flavor, quality, and price. We aim to provide you with both traditional and exciting new flavors, making your jerky experience more of a hobby than just a snack.

Our Values

  • Highest quality jerky we can possibly provide to our customers
  • Most competitive pricing for quality
  • Excellent customer service that goes above and beyond expectations
  • Providing a wide range of flavors that keeps our customers' experience exciting and fresh

a quick video that will tell you all you need to know

Be sure and watch to the end- there is sponsorship information for you

Chew on this jerky supports you in 3 ways!


Driver's Promo Program

 When you order jerky from the Chew On This Jerky website be sure to get your favorite driver's promo code. You see, not only does Chew On This Jerky support this race and the Iron Giant series they support the drivers too. For every purchase made from their website using a promo code the driver's will receive 5% of the total sales with their promo code at the end of the year. 10% of the total sales will also be directed to the Iron Giant championship fund at the end of the year! Now that is awesome!~


"Bringing the Heat" Heat Race winner's program

Chew On This Jerky will be awarding a bag of their award winning Jerky to heat race winners all season long! What could possibly go better with a win than some Jerky to celebrate with?


The "Chew On This Jerky Goldrush 50"

Chew On This Jerky loves racing, fans and racers! That is obvious in everything they do. They support car culture in every way they can and it shows. From car shows, to racers to contingency programs- to sponsoring the "Chew On This Jerky California Goldrush 50"  

1st annual Chew On This Jerky california Goldrush 50


Siskiyou Motor Speedway Website

Be sure and check out the website for this incredible facility!

The 1st Annual Northern California Gold Rush

While this may be our first race at the Siskiyou Motor Speedway in Yreka CA the track and the local racers still remember a time when stock body race cars tore up the track! We will help return this arena to its roots. We hope to remind people what made them fall in love with racing in the first place. If you've never been to a dirt track race and you are in the area this is a "do not miss" event!

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Come see us race in Yreka at the Siskyou Motor Speedway

May 26th, 2018 

We're coming to shake the gold out of those hills!

We're coming this summer!

If you know anyone in the area who has a StreetStock, SuperStock, or PureStock please let them know they can race with us! We also invite any of our racing buddies from Nevada or California to come and join us! 

Let us help you find your way to the track!

Siskiyou Motor Speedway

1712 Fairlane Road, Yreka, California 96097, United States

May 26th, 2018 Race hours