everything you need for a streetstock or IMCA stock car

Getting started can be hard

We know that it can be hard to get started in racing and sometimes it can feel pretty overwhelming to try to get parts or help. We also know that in the NW it can feel like there is no one out there who can help you with your street stock or stock car. When you go to the race shop they may have parts for a quick change but they have no idea what caliper you need and the guys at the local part store just stare at the computer screen when you try and tell them you need a ball joint that fits a Camaro spindle but goes into a Chevelle lower. It can be very defeating. 

Well rest assured my friends, you have come to the right place. Listed below are all of the companies in the NW that cater to you and your cars. We have divided them up- The first group is for parts and chassis suppliers, the second group is engine builders, the third group are shops that will help you reskin your car or help with setup, the fourth group will be frame shops to help you straighten them out if you wreck them. The fifth group will be for people who will help you with number or car wraps and the last group will be specialty services.  

If you know of or are a shop that provides one of these services let me know and I will add you to our list. The idea is one stop for all of your parts and equipment needs


Chassis and parts suppliers


For all of your street stock, IMCA Stockcar and Medieval Chassis needs

Bar S Motorsports is your source for Medieval Chassis and Parts in the Pacific Northwest.  With over 40 years of combined experience racing on dirt we can help you perform at your peak potential.  From Turn Key Cars to Shocks and Springs to Safety Equipment, Bar S Motorsports is the go to place to fulfill your need for speed with professional quality products that won’t hurt your wallet.  With names like Hyperco Springs, Real Racing Wheels, Willy’s Carburetors, and Velocita Premium Racing Suits, Gloves and Shoes, Bar S Motorsports puts all of these brands and more under one roof in your backyard.

With technology and theories from all walks of racing; from NASCAR Cup Technology and Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models to Metric Four Bar and Leaf Spring cars the amount of knowledge of Bar S Motorsports' service and tech support department is unmatched.  

Whether you’re Jeff Gordon, Jonathan Davenport or a weekend racer…at Bar S Motorsports every racer is treated with the same amount of respect, time and dedication to ensure your performance fuels their passion for motorsports.




Your NW B&B Racing Chassis supplier

About B&B Racing Chassis in Belle Plaine, MN

B&B Chassis was established in 1995. However Paul’s love for the sport of racing started much sooner than that!  Paul Burger, from Shakopee MN, has been around the sport of Auto Racing since he was a small child. Paul began racing himself in a Hobby Stock in 1989. Over time, Paul also found his way into a Sprint Car and Modifieds.

Over Paul’s racing career he began building parts for his cars, then turned over to building his own chassis. His longtime friend Scott would help him in the pits and in the shop building the cars, where now not only were they building their own cars, but for other fellow drivers as well. After a few years of building chassis out of his garage in Shakopee, Paul opened the doors to his new home B&B Racing Chassis in Belle Plaine, MN. 

22 years later, B&B Racing Chassis has grown across the United States. Now building Hobby Cars, Sport Modifieds, Modifieds, and it is the home of the Annihilator/SS Stock Car. The small shop is producing anywhere from 45-55 cars a season. B&B Racing Chassis offers many options for your racing needs, Chassis, Scaling, Bodies, Repairs, Setup, Parts, and even Shocks Dynode. Some say “It’s Just A B&B”, but to us, it’s much more. 

Your Local contact for B&B

Kevin Roberts is your local B&B Chassis dealer here in the NW. He also sells sipped G60s so please give him a call at 503-793-1358 or email him at Kevin@bigskylandscaping.com 


Tom Elam

Tom provides tires, parts and fuels. Be sure and hit him up for all your needs. 

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"Building Speed"

Home base for the IMCA Modified and Sportmod Drivers:

Collen Winebarger , Skyler Winebarger, Grey Ferrando

DRCP, established in 1998, is your go to shop for parts or service needed for your racing program. Collen, Scott or Skyler can get you pointed in the right direction and help you start building speed today. 

Contact us today!

Collen Winbarger



Scott Winebarger



Skyler Winebarger



Discount Race Car Parts

402 Southeast Pounder Road, 

Corbett, Oregon 97019


SRC Motorsports

Portland area parts dealer for: Performance Bodies and Parts, Driven Racing Oils, Finish Line Fittings, Dominator race products and Amsoil

Engine builders


Building the right motor for you

Most new drivers won't believe this, but building to much motor is a bad thing for a new driver. I can't stress this enough. You want to build a good motor, but I would worry more about longevity than power. With the stock chassis requirements of our class a big motor may hurt you more than help you. Start with a smaller motor and learn to get the most out of it you can. Later, when you have the experience you can step up with confidence. In 2018 our 4th place finisher in points ran most of his season with a basically stock truck motor. Crate motors are rated at 350 horse power and in the right hands will beat the big motors. In almost every race we've had there have been 2-4 crate motors in the top 10 and in 2017 crate motors finished 1st and 2nd at the Iron Giant races with a whole lot of horse power finishing 3rd back.  More often than not, the guy who beat you did so because he put the time into setup and has the seat time to make it work. Work with your engine builder to get the best engine for you, your car and your driving style.  


Springer Performance Engines

Precision Engine Building

625 Powers Street
Eugene, Oregon 97402

Phone: (541) 687-1451

Email: ray@springerperformance.com.


Hanson Auto Machine LLC

 1202 S Commercial Way SE, Albany, OR 97322

(541) 926-5742


Somers Racing Engines

Call Archie for all your engine building needs! 

Call him at 360-699-5205


Gray's Performance Engines

Please contact  Paul & Anne-Marie Roberts for all of your performance engine needs!


Paul & Anne-Marie Roberts

Gray's Performance Engines

Gray's Automotive Machine Shop, LLC

13750 NW Berry Creek Road

McMinnville, OR  USA



Monty's Racing Engines

From engines, to carburetors, transmission help to chassis setup Monty's is your one stop shop! Some of the fastest cars in the NW come through Monty's shop! Give him a call or check their Facebook page. 

Repairs, bodies and setup help


Frank Looney

Frank will help you with every facet of your build or repair project. Please feel free to reach out to Frank today

Contact us!


WEP Performance race parts

Contact Frank Brewer for all your race parts: we supply circle track race parts, tires, body metal, out of Eugene Oregon.  Contact Frank at 541 954 2791 

Frame Shops


Gary Meyers

I can tell you from personal experience that you won't find anyone more skilled with a frame rack and race cars. Give Gary a call if you need to straighten that bent race car!

Graphics and wraps


FinishLine Graphics and FinishLine Performance offers:

Wraps, Graphics, Number Packages, Decals, Signs, Banners, Displays, Magnetics... and now produce in house .... Custom Apparel, Embroidery, Trophies, Awards, Custom Engraving, pretty much able to print on any surface (except paper)... mugs, metal, wood, and much more! Then with the addition of FinishLine Performance we are now a distributor in Northwestern Oregon for Aluminum sheeting, Bodies (get race cars bodied and wraps all in the same spot), fabrication, and proudly offering just about any parts needed! 

Our equipment includes:

Several Large format printers, sublimation printer, Oversized Laser for cutting/engraving, Embroidery machine, and Apparel Printer! We can do just about anything these days. :-)

FinishLine Graphics-Celeste Hardesty

FinishLine Graphics

53303 Columbia River Hwy #E

Scappoose, OR 97056

Cell: 503-430-9866

Office: 503-987-1314

E-mail: celeste@finishline.graphics

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 11am to 6:30pm
Tuesday - 9am to 4pm
Wednesday - 11am to 6:30pm
Thursday - 9am to 4pm
Friday - by appointment only



Contact D-Ray for all your Design needs!

Misc services


About us

Racelogic Chassis School was created over 17 years ago in a small shop in Ft Smith, Arkansas over the last 17 yrs we have traveled to 13 states and had over 4000 racers in attendance during that time .  Racelogic brings a logical approach to racing . With racing getting so complicated we strive to teach so that the Saturday night racer can understand . Our goal has always been the same to help racers improve there finishes . Each year we bring the best instructors in the racing industry that want to give back to racing and help your program.. Don't let your competition get the edge come join us and learn what it takes to win races and championship !!

Some of what our classes cover!!

  • Maintenance    
  • Front End geometry    
  • Caster/Camber    
  • Toe    
  • Anti Dive    
  • Bump    
  • Ackerman    
  • Roll Center    
  • Tires/ Grinding/Siping/Grooving    
  • Brakes    
  • Shocks/ Brands --How they work and what to use in different conditions.    
  • Rear end Settings Squaring    
  • Springs/When to change    
  • Ballast    
  • Percentages    
  • Scaling    
  • Safety    
  • Bird cages/ Pull bars/ Lift arms/Coil Overs/ Roll Steer where applicable    
  • Set up plates how to use properly    
  • When and what to change when  track changes occur    
  • All classes come with a book for you to take home. We will have hands on items to use in each class